The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Written by National Geographic Learning

Published by National Geographic School Pub; 1 edition (June 23, 2010)


This Nonfiction is book super interesting and unique story of the true story. In 1974, French aerialist Philippe Petit walked between the World Trade Centers on a tightrope. He was dancing and walking on a hope that was so high above from the ground.

This story is so impressive and interesting to read. It’s not a actual format of biography, but it is about the interesting even that was happened in the past. I was so scared even reading this story of Philippe Petit. Illustration is fun to look at. It has very loose format rather than being realistic, but I think it really blend with the story. Fun read for young readers and the middle age readers.


Video talks about Philippe Petit:

TED talk of Philippe Petit:

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Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl’s Baseball Dream

Written by Crystal Hubbard

Illustrated by Randy Duburke

Published by Lee & Low Books; 1 edition (June 30, 2010)


This story is about Marcenia Lyle, who is known as Toni Stone. She was the first African American woman to join a professional baseball player.  I think this book is very powerful and spiritual. As an Asian woman, sometimes I feel that I’m isolated because of my race. I think this book is inspirational for racial minorities group of people especially woman. This story is combat racial discrimination and the overcome story of young woman who standed up with herself.

This story is very heart warming and wonderful story for children to read. It honors diversity with teaches the lesson and give message to not let down yourself and give up with the hardship in life. Great book for young readers.


Toni Stone:

The 15 racial barriers broken in sports:

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Written and Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell

Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (April 5, 2011)


This beautiful biography of Jane Goodall who is one of the world’s most inspiring women tells special story about Dr.Jane Goodall’s special and heartwarming story of her childhood. Jane Goodall is who honors life of species in our world with warm heart.

I was so happy to see this book about Dr. Jane Goodall who is great inspiration for many people in this world. This book teaches children about importance of life. I think this book would be great for children especially for young girls.


Biography of Dr. Jane Goodall:

Jane Goodall’s TED talk:

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Nelson Mandela

Written and Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Published by Katherine Tegen Books; First Edition edition (January 2, 2013)


Another wonderful picture book by Kadir Nelson. I think this book is the most inspirational and beautiful picture book by Kadir Nelson. He writes books about African American people and influential leaders. This is must have book for schooled age children. Great description of Nelson Mandela’s life with realistic and inspirational illustration. I think this book would be perfect gift to children and also great book for school teachers to use this book in their class.

Kadir Nelson is two time Caldecott winter, and his works are inspirational. Must read!


Story of Nelson Mandela:

Novel Peace Prize and Nelson Mandela:

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Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans

Written and Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Published by  Balzer + Bray; Reprint edition (December 23, 2013)


This inspirational story of African Americans gives courage to readers. This is the story of people who works to pick cotton for their masters. It talks about how their life was as a worker that didn’t have any freedom or right to speech.

Illustrations is beautiful and realistic, and it is also very inspirational. After reading this book, I thought this book can be good opportunity to learn about the sad and tragic history. Because it talks about minorities group, I think this book definitely honors diversity in terms of race. Young readers should read this book to learn about the history.


Interview with Kadir Nelson:

Articles about the author:

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Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Written by Doreen Rappaport

Illustrated by Bryan Collier

Published by Hyperion Book CH; Reprint edition (December 18, 2007)


This beautiful picture book biography is excellent book that is just right to introduce biography. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is one of the most important person in this world, and I think children needs to learn about the history.

I think this book is very meaningful picture book that means a lot. The illustration is beautiful and realistic. Caldecott winner, and has great and illustration that supports this amazing biography. I personally enjoy reading biography of an influential leader because it definitely gives great lesson to readers. Early readers should read this picture book and their parents should explain this book to their children.


About Martin Luther King Jr.:


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The One and Only Ivan

Written by Katherine Applegate

Written by Patricia Castelao

Published by HarperCollins; Reprint edition (January 6, 2015)


Ivan is a gorilla who is living opposite of the glass wall in the mall. Ivan doesn’t really remember how his life was before in the jungle.

This book based on a true story of gorilla Ivan was written in perspective of Ivan. I thought it was very interesting to read a book that seems like it was written by an animal rather than a human. This story is such a beautiful and sad story that shows the tragedy of human’s selfishness. This book brought me to tears, because I was so sad for Ivan’s life and what he went through. This book was #1 New York Times bestseller, and it is great book for middle age young readers. This book is very meaningful work, and I think children must read this literacy work.


Book Review:

Book Trailer:

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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Written by William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer

Illustrated by Anna Hymas

Published by Puffin Books; Reprint edition (January 5, 2016)


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is the memoir of a boy who invented the way to bring electricity to his village in Malawi. The author is the main character in this book. 스크린샷 2017-05-07 오후 6.28.33.png

This book is young reader’s edition. Little boy’s invention changed his life and the life around him.

Even this is a true story, it is almost like a magical story that has been created. This book is just beautiful as it is, and also very mean something. I think this literacy work honors diversity with talking about the hopeful story that happened opposite side of the world. Young middle age readers must read this book.


TED talk of the author:

Article about the author:


Helen Keller

Written by Margaret Davidson

Illustrated by Wendy Watson

Published by Scholastic Paperbacks; Reissue edition (April 1, 1989)


Beautiful biography of Helen Keller who overcame the handicaps. This book is a great introduction to genre of biography to young readers. I remember reading this book when I was a child. I love biography books, so I was so into this story of Helen Keller. Since this is a true story, it was more emotional to me. This book has beautiful illustration and depiction. This book is perfect to teach and introduce one’s life to children. Illustration is very classic and realistic, and it really gets along with the story of the book. Must read biography for children. Since it talks about the hopeful story of disability person, it can gives children a hope and motivation.


Biography of Helen Keller:

Full Movie:

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The Diary of a Young Girl

Written by Anne Frank, Introduction: Eleanor Roosevelt

Translated by B.M. Mooyaartis


Anne Frank is a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl who was hiding in secret attic from Nazis. Anne has diary named “Kitty” is the best place that she can express herself without pretense. In Anne Frank’s diary, she recorded her experience during the time period. Her honest and vivid expression in her diary make readers to realize how life was like in tragic historical time period. Her diary was found by Otto Frank, her father. Otto Frank decided to publish this book to let the world know about the event.

This sad, but beautiful non fiction book by Anne Frank really makes readers to think.  People not all lived that historical time period, and her diary gives lots of information as well. The tragic war destroyed many lives and families, and reading her diary makes readers to sympathize and blends into her story. Her genuineness makes us sad and grieve for her tragic end.

Anne Frank’s diary is must read book list for middle age children. We all learn world history in school, but we don’t understand how people suffered through that period. This book arouse sympathy and spirit that from readers. Readers can learn the tragic event that caused from discrimination, and I think that fact can teach children about diversity.


Interview with Otto Frank who is father of Anne Frank:

New York Times Review:

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