Grandpa’s Face

Written and Illustrated by Eloise Greenfield

Published by Puffin Books; Reissue edition (May 7, 1996)


Tamika loves her grandfather who has so many facial expressions. Tamika’s grandfather was an actor who does a play. As Tamika went to see her grandfather rehearsing to the play, Tamika finds out there are more expressions that grandfather can do!

I was so in love with this book. There are still not enough children’s book out there that depicts children of various culture, and I think this book is perfect for that. Since this book was published in 1996, I think it really was the great change in diversity in children’s literature. Also the illustration very realistic, and makes this story more beautiful. I think the illustration complete this story. This book would be great for children in age of preschool, to learn about diversity and feel emotion of family love.


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Thunder Cake

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Published by Puffin Books; Reprint edition (August 25, 1997)


Little girl is very scared of thunder storm. Her grandmother wants to help her to get over the fear of the threatens by baking the thunder cake. Illustration is little unique, because the characters has pale white face. For me, it almost was little scary to look at the book. This book reminds me of my childhood experience. It’s the true story of the authour’s childhood experience with her grandmother.

As reading this book, I realized that this book can be the sweet story book for children to recall their memory when they grow up. This book doesn’t really have diversity perspective, but it has sweet and beautiful story that is heart warming. I think parents should read this to their children to give them beautiful memories.


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A Book for Black Eyed Susan(Tales of Young Americans)

Written by Judy Young

Illustrated by Doris Ettilinger

Published by Sleeping Bear Press (February 8, 2011)


Cora is ten years old. Cora and her family leave their home in Missouri. At that moment, they are leaving with hopes and dream of their wonderful upcoming future. Their journey is not that wonderful as they thought. They are going through hardship and doesn’t turn out how they wanted to be. Cora takes care of her baby sister, Susan, and later on finds out that they will be separated.

This story is heart broken. It talks about the change in a family life with sad situation. I think this book can teach and nurture children to deal with family loss. This story is about the pioneer who is traveling to other place to survive and find the bright future. But life always does not work as we want. This book teaches history, diversity, and love between families and what is truly important in outlives.


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Star Girl

Written by Jerry Spinelli

Published by Ember; Reprint edition (May 14, 2002)


Stargirl is little strange. That’s what other people think at her school. She wears weird clothes to school. The book Stargirl narrates the first love of Stargirl who is considered as little “strange”. As reading this book, it made me sad that how people judge other people by their personal life style, not respecting them. I think it’s ridiculous to judge someone else with their looks or personalities. Most of the time people don’t even want to know them deeper, because they think they are just “weird”.

This book talks about the Stargirl’s life in school and her first love. I think this book would be great for children who are going through hard stage with their friends at school. It’s very sensitive thing for them to think about friendship in that age, so I think this book can help them to think that they are not alone.


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Owl Moon

Written by Jane Yolen

Illustrated by John Schoenherr

Published by Philomel Books; 4th Printing edition (October 23, 1987)


One day at late winter night, little girl and her father go on owling. The father calls a mysterious bird. They couldn’t hear the answer back.

This book has beautiful story about the relationship and bond between father and daughter. Almost like poetry, this book is delicate and calm. The illustration is beautiful. It’s not really colorful, but the dark tone color activate the story. This book is very sweet and soft at it is. I think this book is great to read as a bedtime story for children in age of preschool. More wonderful thing is, if their dad read it to them, it would be so great!


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The Snowy Day

Written by Ezra Jack Keats

Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats

Published by Puffin Books; Reprint edition (October 28, 1976)


The Snowy Day is classic fiction that won Caldecott Medal in 1963. This simple story of a boy explores the snow and finding out what happened during the night. The illustration is absolutely classic and beautiful. The story is very simple and straight forward, so young readers would have great experience reading this picture book. I think this book would be great for the bed time story for young children to grow their imagination and have sweet dreams.

Even this book seem like it does not have anything o do with diversity, but the illustration tells that the author respected diversity while writing this book. The main character has dark skin, and I think it was a stepping stone to include diversity in children’s literature. This book definitely would be great for young readers age 4 to up, and this can be their favorite book in their childhood.


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Written by R.J. Palacio

Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (February 14, 2012)


August is a typical 10 years old. Except he was born with a facial deformity. August looks little different than others, so he was homeschooled all his lives. August is a ordinary kid but with extraordinary face. August wants what all other kids do in their lives, like friendship and freedom.

Wonders is the best book that honors diversity. People tends to think that only culture or race applies for the word diversity, but disability is also another spectrum of diversity. I think this book is beautifully written to talk about the life of kids with disability, and gives messages that disability does not matter. When I reading this book, I thought about what is the standard for “ordinary”. I think that criteria is just made up by human being to judge another human being. Young middle age readers must read this book once in their lives.


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Rain is not my Indian Name

Written by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Illustrated by Lori Earley

Published by HarperCollins on June 19, 2001

Rain is fourteen-year-old girl who had a best friend name Galen Owen. Galen and Rain promised each other to celebrate their birthdays for their life times. Tragically, Galen was killed by car accident on New Year’s Eve. Rain and Galen’s relationship was about to start get serious, but that stopped by Galen’s death. Rain shut down herself from the world. One day, Rain was hired as a photographer of camper in her aunt Georgia’s Indian camp that is on the controversy. Rain decides to fight against of the real world. 

Rain is not my Indian name is a book that has sympathy, recovery, and great humor. As seeing Rain’s process of recovering from the tragedy, this book gives encouragement to young readers. Has great diversity perspective. Controversy over aunt Georgia’s Indian camp shows how this world is still against of other world’s culture. I think this book encourage readers to have more open minded to other culture.



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Listen, Slowly

Written by Thanhha Lai

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books on February 17, 2015


Mai is Vietnamese American girl who is living in California. Instead of spending her vacation at the beautiful beach, she has to accompany her grandmother to Vietnam. Mai has a mission to assist her grandmother’s investigation of her grandfather’s fate during the Vietnam war. Mai’s parents are hoping that she can find out about her roots and cultural identity through this trip to Vietnam. But Mai have hard time to figure out how she can fit into her family’s culture and finds her identity. Also, Mai struggles to adapt to an unfamiliar culture.

This book is right on the diversity of children’s literature. Mai’s process of trying to survive during her trip to Vietnam which her family came from. Mai tries to survive during her trip and find a balance between her two completely different culture. This book would be great for children who has multi cultural backgrounds who struggles to find their cultural root. I think this kind of diversify literature for children’s book can positively affect children who is forming their identity.


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Stars Above Us

Written by Geoffrey Norman

Illustrated by E.B. Lewis

Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons


Little girl Amanda is afraid of the dark. When Amanda told that to her dad, he shows her wonderful things that can be only seen in the dark. Fireflies, beautiful stars, and the sounds of crickets singing. Amanda starts to think the beauty of darkness. Amanda’s dad is an army and he is about to leave to another place for his service. Before he left, dad attached the dark glowing stars on to Amanda’s room ceiling, and tells her to not to be afraid. Later on when it was the time for Amanda’s dad to come home, she prepare big surprise for her daddy. Amanda added glowing comets and moon to her ceiling with special paint that glow in the dark. Her dad was so happy to see that and Amanda was so glad that her dad is home.

This beautiful book has contents of military family and their sacrifices to live separately. I think this book can be great learning source to children to have a sense of military service. This book has beautiful illustration and very heart warming story of family. On the other hand, this book seems to not have much diversity perspective, like culture or race representation. Middle class white family is the protagonist, and I don’t think that fact fulfill the diversity perspective of children’s literature. This book would be great for readers who loves realistic illustration and heart warming story.


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