The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Written by National Geographic Learning

Published by National Geographic School Pub; 1 edition (June 23, 2010)


This Nonfiction is book super interesting and unique story of the true story. In 1974, French aerialist Philippe Petit walked between the World Trade Centers on a tightrope. He was dancing and walking on a hope that was so high above from the ground.

This story is so impressive and interesting to read. It’s not a actual format of biography, but it is about the interesting even that was happened in the past. I was so scared even reading this story of Philippe Petit. Illustration is fun to look at. It has very loose format rather than being realistic, but I think it really blend with the story. Fun read for young readers and the middle age readers.


Video talks about Philippe Petit:

TED talk of Philippe Petit:

The man walked between the tower* 했음.png



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