The Harmonica

Written by Tony Johnston

Illustrated by Ron Mazellan

Published by Charlesbridge; 1 edition (July 1, 2008)


Holocaust is tragic historical event that happened in the past. Nazis invasion of Poland has separated many family and destroyed their lives. This book is inspired by a true story. This heartbreaking story shows little boy who is separated by his parents. He has the harmonica that keep his hope alive.

“I cannot remember my father’s face, or my mother’s, but I remember their love, warm and enfolding as a song”. It’s miserable to see naive people sacrifices their lives because of the selfishness of human being. I was heart broken when I read this book, because mostly it’s based on a true story. This book talks about the tragedy that everyone must need to know and learn about. The Harmonica is a great book for young readers to learn about the historical event and how this kind of tragic event can destroy people’s lives.


Review by Publishers weekly:

What is Holocaust?:

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