The Book Thief

Written by Markus Zusak

Published by Alfred A. Knopf; Reprint edition (September 11, 2007)


Beautiful thief. Is this word even possible?

This book was on the Best Seller List of The New York Times for 230 weeks. Also, this book has been released to a movie. Liesel is a little girl who is living in Germany. Because of her parents don’t have ability to take care of Liesel and her brother, they are leaving to leave with their foster parents. On the train, her little brother dies. At the funeral, Liesel finds the book “Grave Digger’s Handbook” and happens to steal that book. Liesel is becoming “book theif”. Liesel finds out that she wants to read books rather than not only stealing the book. Liesel’s foster father helps her to learn to read a letter. Liesel learns how to write how she truly feels with her heart. 

I could relate to myself with this book while I was reading. I never experience the war in my life, but I remember listening to my grandmother’s story during the Korean War in 1950. She told me the tragedy that she had to go through during that era, and how she felt about herself during that time. I was impressed by Liesel’s will to write with her true heart. That is what I feel about myself, because it’s hard for me to express the art with true heart. This beautiful best selling book has strong inspirational story that can motivate middle age children. I think the messages of this book is beautiful and delicate to young readers.

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