Sky Color

Written and Illustrated by Peter H Reynolds

Published by Candlewick; Dot, Ish, Sky Color edition (August 28, 2012)


Marisol is a little girl who loves to paint. She is so excited when her teacher asks her to make plan for mural for the library in the school. Unfortunately, Marisol finds out that she is out of blue paint that need for color the sky. Marisol wonders how she is going to solve this issue. Marisol and her classmates decide to paint the sky with all other colors they have, and it makes the whole different world.

This book is simple and short, but the illustration makes this book so exciting and wonderful to read. This book would be great for art teacher to read it to their students to inspirit and motivate them. This book would definitely helps children to break their stereotypes and be creative. Giving motivational messages, this book is wonderful for young readers who are just starting to dive in to books.


Interview with author:

Book Review:

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