My Name is Yoon

Written by Helen Recorvits

Illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska

Published by Square Fish; Reprint edition (June 10, 2014)


Yoon is little girl from Korea who is living in the United States. When she first write letters in Korean, the words look like dancing figures. Yoon’s name means shining wisdom, and she enjoys learning Korean letters. But Yoon’s father ask her to learn to write English. As Yoon learns English, it feels like every words are standing alone by itself. That is what Yoon feels like living in the United States.

This picture book has beautiful illustration with inspirational story. Yoon’s experience shows how children from immigrant family might feel about themselves living in other country. I think this book can give encouragement to children who are struggling with their cultural backgrounds and identity. I could relate myself to this book, because the what Yoon feels about herself is what sometime I feel about myself in the United States.


Picturebook Narration:


스크린샷 2017-05-04 오후 10.17.03.png


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