More Than Anything Else

Written by Marie Bradby

Illustrated by Chris K. Soentpiet

Published by Orchard Books (September 1, 1995)


This book is about the young boy who wants to learn to read. But he must work for now. The Booker T. Washington don’t give up his hope by the difficulties his having in life. I think that is the most inspirational message this book is telling to readers.

We are currently living in a society where most people can afford to go to school. But other side of the world, there are still young children who can’t afford to go to school or not have enough to eat. I think this book is great for young readers to learn about the situation and appreciate their opportunity to learn.

This book reminds me of my grandmother who always told me how she always wanted to learn how to read when she was young. But she had to work for her family to survive. When I was child, I had tons of books at my house. My grandmother loved to read children’s book and she told me learning process is so wonderful and glorious. I really hope every children in the world can be happy and able to learn equally.


Kirkus Review:


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