A Book for Black Eyed Susan(Tales of Young Americans)

Written by Judy Young

Illustrated by Doris Ettilinger

Published by Sleeping Bear Press (February 8, 2011)


Cora is ten years old. Cora and her family leave their home in Missouri. At that moment, they are leaving with hopes and dream of their wonderful upcoming future. Their journey is not that wonderful as they thought. They are going through hardship and doesn’t turn out how they wanted to be. Cora takes care of her baby sister, Susan, and later on finds out that they will be separated.

This story is heart broken. It talks about the change in a family life with sad situation. I think this book can teach and nurture children to deal with family loss. This story is about the pioneer who is traveling to other place to survive and find the bright future. But life always does not work as we want. This book teaches history, diversity, and love between families and what is truly important in outlives.


A book for black eyed Sasan.png

Book Review: http://www.judyyoungpoetry.com/a-book-for-black-eyed-susan.htm

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WviIRGEynCg


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