The Girl who Drank the Moon

Written by Kelly Barnhill

Published by Algonquin Young Readers (August 9, 2016)


Xan is a witch of the forest. Every year in small town, people leave a baby in the forest to sacrifice for Xan. But Xan is a kind and nice witch who loves babies. Every year, Xan rescues babies and find a new home for the babies. One year, Xan accidentally gave her part of magical power to a baby girl. Instead of find a new home for baby girl, Xan decides to raise her. Xan named her Luna. Fantastic story about Luna makes this book variety and enchanted.

This book won Newbery Medal. With that reason, I was excited to read the book when I got it. I think this book has beautiful narrative that grow children’s imagination. Doesn’t have illustration, so it might be more great to see the illustration. I think this book can be so great if it made to a movie. Some of controversies has been made with some reviewers . I can’t wait to see the criticism in aspect of feminism.


Articles from The New York Times:

Interview video with Kelly Barnhill:

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