The Name Jar

Written by Yangsook Choi

Illustrated by Yangsook Choi

Published by Random House Children’s Books


Unhei is little girl who was living in Korea. She left Korea and come to America with her parents. At the airport, her grandmother gave little wooden block with Unhei’s carved. This become Unhei’s treasure. When Unhei started her first day of the school in America, her classmates had hard time to pronounce Unhei’s name and she was ashamed of it. Her classmates suggested the American name and put the slip in the glass jar, so Unhei can choose her “American” name. One day, Joey, Unhei’s friend told her about the beauty of Unhei’s name and how special it is. Unhei realizes how beautiful her name is, and decides to keep her Korean name.

This book by Yangsook Choi has beautiful illustration with beautiful story that teaches children the value of their background identity. I could relate myself to this book, because I am from Korea too. Living with different cultural background in another country is challenging, and always remember the importance of cultural background and root is extremely important. I think this book can arouse sympathy from children who are living in other country with different cultural background. Also, for children who hasn’t learned a lot about other culture’s diversity can learn a lot from this book.


Lesson plan:

Book Talk:

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