Cinderella (Once Upon a World)

Written by Chloe Perkins

Illustrated by Sandra Equihua

Published by Little Simon; (Brdbk edition) on September 13, 2016


Cinderella is well known Disney Princess who everyone knows worldwide. This cute picture book breaks the stereotype of Cinderella. Cinderella is a beautiful white female character in the movie, and most of the people recognize Cinderella as that way. In this book, Indian Cinderella who is wearing oriental customs. Interesting this is, Cinderella has brown skin.

Beautiful illustration and whole new concept of Fairytale. This kind of multi cultural Fairy tale gives whole new sense of the old story that everyone knows. I think this book is brilliant to break the stereotype that Disney Princess has to be white female character. This book is great for early reader, and great source to teach them diversity in terms of diversity of race.


Multicultural Fairytale:

Original Cinderella movie clip: (See the difference!)

스크린샷 2017-05-02 오후 7.55.51.png





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