The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Written by John Boyne

Published by David Fickling Books on September 12th 2006

Little boy Bruno move to a new house. Bruno’s father is got a call from government that their family must move to a new place where is very far away from where they lived before. Bruno loves to explore outside of the fence, and he has genuine heart to see things differently. One day, Bruno meets Shmuel who is the opposite side of the fence. They became best friend, and shared everything. All of a sudden, Shmuel tells Bruno that he can’t find his dad. So Bruno changed to striped pajama and crawl under the fence to help Shmuel finds his dad.

This book has been made to movie as well, and I think this literature work shows tragedy  that was caused from the racial discrimination. History can be too literacy for children to learn and acquire. This book arouse sympathy based on the historical event. This book can be a great learning source for middle age children to learn about the historical issue with more accessibility.


The movie trailer:

Book review:

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