The Secret Garden

Written by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Illustrated by Tasha Tudor

Published by Harper


Mary Lennox was sent to Yorkshire Moore to live with her uncle when her parents passed away. Mary was selfish and spoiled because she was raised by nanny who did everything she wanted to do. Mary was not welcome when she was born, so she did not know what meaning of love was. When she got to her uncle’s house, Mary was against of everything in new house. When Mary meets Martha, who is the housemaid, and new friends at new house, Mary started to change. Mary finds secret garden that was mysterious and unknown, and her life changed.

The Secret Garden is classic fiction that was published in 1911. With that reason, this book has lots of different contents that we can’t encounter in modern society. This classic story doesn’t have much diversity inside, but it’s beautiful as it is. This book can be an opportunity for children to learn what life was like in the past. In addition, Mary Lennox’s overcome story can be positively affect children to grow their encouragement and hope.


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