The Diary of a Young Girl

Written by Anne Frank, Introduction: Eleanor Roosevelt

Translated by B.M. Mooyaartis


Anne Frank is a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl who was hiding in secret attic from Nazis. Anne has diary named “Kitty” is the best place that she can express herself without pretense. In Anne Frank’s diary, she recorded her experience during the time period. Her honest and vivid expression in her diary make readers to realize how life was like in tragic historical time period. Her diary was found by Otto Frank, her father. Otto Frank decided to publish this book to let the world know about the event.

This sad, but beautiful non fiction book by Anne Frank really makes readers to think.  People not all lived that historical time period, and her diary gives lots of information as well. The tragic war destroyed many lives and families, and reading her diary makes readers to sympathize and blends into her story. Her genuineness makes us sad and grieve for her tragic end.

Anne Frank’s diary is must read book list for middle age children. We all learn world history in school, but we don’t understand how people suffered through that period. This book arouse sympathy and spirit that from readers. Readers can learn the tragic event that caused from discrimination, and I think that fact can teach children about diversity.


Interview with Otto Frank who is father of Anne Frank:

New York Times Review:

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