Stars Above Us

Written by Geoffrey Norman

Illustrated by E.B. Lewis

Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons


Little girl Amanda is afraid of the dark. When Amanda told that to her dad, he shows her wonderful things that can be only seen in the dark. Fireflies, beautiful stars, and the sounds of crickets singing. Amanda starts to think the beauty of darkness. Amanda’s dad is an army and he is about to leave to another place for his service. Before he left, dad attached the dark glowing stars on to Amanda’s room ceiling, and tells her to not to be afraid. Later on when it was the time for Amanda’s dad to come home, she prepare big surprise for her daddy. Amanda added glowing comets and moon to her ceiling with special paint that glow in the dark. Her dad was so happy to see that and Amanda was so glad that her dad is home.

This beautiful book has contents of military family and their sacrifices to live separately. I think this book can be great learning source to children to have a sense of military service. This book has beautiful illustration and very heart warming story of family. On the other hand, this book seems to not have much diversity perspective, like culture or race representation. Middle class white family is the protagonist, and I don’t think that fact fulfill the diversity perspective of children’s literature. This book would be great for readers who loves realistic illustration and heart warming story.


Good Read review:

Book reading video:스크린샷 2017-04-30 오후 4.25.13.png




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