Red Pencil

Written by Andrea Davis Pinkney

Illustrated by Shane W Evans

Published by Little, Brown


Story of Amira, a 12 years old Sudanese girl who has hope and dream. But war began, and Amira’s has to let to of her wish to attend girl school. Amira has supportive Father, Dando, but her mother Muma is not as supportive as her father. When Amira stays in refugee camp, she got yellow pad and red pencil from aid worker. Amira started to express herself on yellow pad with her red pencil.

This wonderful novel-in-verse literature has cultural diversity perspective that children can learn and encounter. We mostly don’t have much idea about story of opposite side of the world. This story is story of Sudanese girl who tried to overcome her hardness in her life. Encouragement and braviness that Amira shows in this book would give hope and dream to children who are going through some hard stage in their life. Has whole new style of illustration. Illustration activated the text, and it positively affect the content. Red Pencil honors diversity, and really blends the heart warming story together.


Review from Africa Access:

Interview with Andrea Davis Pinkney (Must Read!):

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