Prince Cinders

Written by Babette Cole

Published by Penguin Young Readers Group스크린샷 2017-04-30 오후 4.44.49.png


Everyone knows Cinderella story. Cinderella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters who treat her cruelly. Fairy god mother gave cinderella a magical mercy, so she can go to ball. At the end, Cinderella meets prince charming and they lived happily ever after.

What would happen if Cinderella become man? Prince Cinders has three big hairy brothers who were always teasing him about his looks. Prince Cinders was very small and skinny. One day, Prince Cinders meets dirty fairy fell down the chimney. Little fairy asked Prince Cinders what he wants to be, and he said that he wanted to be big and strong like his brothers. Prince Cinders turned in to hairy monkey, but he didn’t realize. He went to the party and met Princess. That was the moment when spell broke, and it turned out that Prince Cinders has saved Princess from big hairy monkey! Like Cinderella’s glass shoes, Princess looks for Prince Cinders with trousers and finally found him. And they lived happily ever after.

This cute book changed the character’s gender, and it turned out to be so entertaining. Children who are fans of Disney would love this book, because they can relate the original story to this book. But this book could have some side effect by representation of masculinity. Because “BIG” hairy brothers are teasing Prince Cinders about his looks, children might have think they are superior or inferior by their outside looks.

Other than that, this book has entertaining illustration and storyline that can catch young reader’s attention.


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